Football Analytics YellowPages

Here, you can find a full database of publicly-accessible resources in pro and college football analytics. Vote for utility scores here.
Rank Name Link Creator(s) Description League Type Utility
FiveThirtyEight EloLink@FiveThirtyEightNFL predictions based on Elo forecastNFLPackage/Database*****
Football OutsidersLink@FO_ASchatzNFL DVOA & DYAR databaseNFLPackage/Database*****
nflfastRLink@benbbaldwin, @mrcasebR package to efficiently scrape NFL play-by-play dataNFLPackage/Database*****
Pro Football ReferenceLink@pfrefThe complete source for current and historical NFL, AFL, and AAFC players, teams, scores and leadersNFLPackage/Database*****
RBSDMLink@benbbaldwinWebsite with team & player efficiency viz, 4th down calculator, advanced box scores, and moreNFLTool*****
College Football ReferenceLink@sports_refThe complete source for current and historical college football players, schools, scores and leadersCFBPackage/Database*****
nflreadRLink@benbbaldwin, @mrcasebLow-level package for downloading data from nflverse repositories (play-by-play, rosters, injuries, etc.)NFLPackage/Database*****
Draft Consensus Big BoardLink@jacklich10NFL draft consensus big board from 15 different sources back to 2016NFL/CFBTool****
Grinding the MocksLink@benj_robinsonAggregated mock drafts to predict draft position of prospectsNFL/CFBTool****
nfl4thLink@benbbaldwinR package to assess 4th down decision making using Ben Baldwin's modelNFLPackage/Database****
The Mockup BlogLink@thomas_mockBlog with various tutorials on how to implement R functions/tools/tidbitsNFLTutorial****
NFL Game DataLink@LeeSharpeNFLWebsite with live scores & betting lines and links to full box scores, PFF grades, and game filmNFLTool****
nflseedRLink@LeeSharpeNFL, @mrcasebR package to simulate NFL seasons with inputted modelNFLPackage/Database****
nflfastR Play IndexLink@Tucker_TnLWeb app for easily querying nflfastR databaseNFLTool****
nflverseLink@LeeSharpeNFL, @_TanHo, @benbbaldwin, @mrcasebFull NFL data repository (betting lines, games, pick values, standings, rosters, etc.)NFLPackage/Database****
College Football DataLink@CFB_DataCFB data repository with link to public APICFBPackage/Database****
GameOnPaperLink@SaiemGilaniAdvanced box scores for CFB games back to 2002CFBTool****
espnscrapeRLink@thomas_mockR package to collect or scrape QBR, NFL standings, and stats from ESPNNFL/CFBPackage/Database***
nflfastR Beginner's GuideLink@benbbaldwinIntroduction to and walkthrough of nflfastRNFLTutorial***
Pro Football FocusLink@PFFAdvanced charting data and player grades, stats, and rankingsNFL/CFBPackage/Database***
QB Player CardsLink@Tucker_TnL2020 QB overviewNFLTool***
4th Down DecisionsLink@Tucker_TnLTeam 4th down decision quality based on Ben Baldwin's 4th down modelNFLTool***
1994-1998 Play-by-Play DataLink@reinhardNFLHistorical play-by-play data with same variables as nflfastR datasetNFLPackage/Database***
AirYards.comLink@friscojoshAir yards data and metrics for NFL analystsNFLPackage/Database**
EdjSportsLink@edjsportsNFL win probability model used primarily to grade coaching decisionsNFLTool**
ffscraprLink@_TanHoAccess various fantasy football APIs (MFL, Sleeper, Fleaflicker, ESPN, Yahoo)NFLPackage/Database**
How to Improve nflfastR GraphicsLink@thomas_mockCookbook for improving nflfastR data vizNFLTutorial**
Next Gen Stats ScrapeLink@mrcasebNGS database from 2016-2020NFLPackage/Database**
nfeloLink@greerreNFLNFL betting models and advanced box scoresNFLTool**
NFL 4th Down Go Rate + WPALink@data_bears4th down decision summary tables based on Ben Baldwin's modelNFLTool**
Open Source FootballLink@benbbaldwin, @mrcasebPublicly accessible code/articles from the football analytics communityNFLTutorial**
QB EPA BreakdownLink@Tucker_TnLQB EPA breakdown by play typeNFLTool**
R for NFL AnalysisLink@StatsbyLopezIntro to using tidyverse, ggplot2, and Big Data Bowl tracking data for analyticsNFLTutorial**
Sharp Football StatsLink@SharpFootballPlay frequency, formation breakdowns, and other infoNFLPackage/Database**
Sports Info SolutionsLink@SportsInfo_SISAdvanced stats with splits/leaderboardsNFLPackage/Database**
BRoto Fantasy Football AppLink@BRotoFFCasanovaFantasy football analysis including true throw value and rush yards over expectedNFLTool**
FBS Recruiting GeographyLink@ConorMcQ5Recruiting tendencies for schools by state and countyCFBTool**
Game Possession ReportsLink@Tucker_TnLEPA breakdown of every play of team's possession in each game of last five yearsNFLTool**
CFB & NFL Data VizLink@theDudeZeeVarious data visualization tools for CFB/NFL playersNFL/CFBTool*
CFB GraphsLink@statsowarCFB stats, graphs, and analysisCFBTool*
cfbfastRLink@SaiemGilaniR package to efficiently scrape CFB play-by-play dataCFBPackage/Database*
College Football SimulatorLink@CFBNumbersSimulate hypothetical matchups between teams from different seasons 2014-20CFBTool*
Combine Performance VisualizationLink@mockdraftableVisualize combine performance by percentile and similar player compsNFL/CFBPackage/Database*
Expected SacksLink@danmorse_Using pressure rates to calculate how many sacks pass rushers should be expected to haveNFLTool*
Fantasy Football Player DashboardLink@Reed_Zahradnik5Fantasy football player comparison, analysis, and vizNFLTool*
Fantasy Football Player ProfilerLink@UnderdogFantasyDetailed fantasy football stats on every NFL playerNFLTool*
Football AlphaLink@canzhiyeSearch NFL Game Pass based on situations, schemes, and playersNFLTool*
GambletronLink@todd_schneiderLive win probability modelNFLTool*
inpredictable Betting Market DataLink@inpredictNFL betting market rankingsNFLTool*
Intro to CFB Data with PythonLink@GJMcClintockTutorial on how to use CFB data in PythonCFBTutorial*
Intro to CFB Data with RLink@statsowarTutorial on how to use CFB data in RCFBTutorial*
NFL Draft Performance by TeamLink@PaulGallagher12Best and worst draft picks by team as well as overall performance assessmentNFL/CFBTool*
NFL Draft Value Over ExpectationLink@danmorse_NFL team drafts by projected/realized approximate valueNFLTool*
NFL In-Game Win ProbabilityLink@kpelechrinis, @412athlyticsCalculate win probability based on multinomial logistic regression modelNFLTool*
NFL Receiver DashboardLink@mnpykingsAnalysis on all players with 30+ targets in 2020NFLTool*
nflfastR Python GuideLink@DeryckG_Tutorial on how to use nflfastR in PythonNFLTutorial*
nflfastR Python GuideLink@mnpykingsTutorial on how to use nflfastR in PythonNFLTutorial*
QB Season Similarity ScoresLink@danmorse_Compare individual QB seasons through an analytical lens back to 1999NFLTool*
Reddit Fantasy Football Coding ResourcesLink@redditFantasy football coding and data resourcesNFLTutorial*
Rushing Yards Over ExpectedLink@mfbanalyticsRYOE xgboost model to see how teams/players have rushed relative to expectationNFLTool*
SportRadarLink@SportradarGame data API (personnel, on/off splits, etc.)NFL/CFBPackage/Database*
Sports Source AnalyticsLink@SportSourceAData provider, analytics platform builder, and coach search serviceCFBPackage/Database*
The Kneel DownLink@ryanweisman12Defensive personnel/coverage and efficiency vs. specific QBs/teamsNFLTool*
nflelo Betting CalculatorLink@greerreNFLTranslate between odds, payout, cover probability, Vegas hold, hedge sizes, and payoutsNFLTool*
nfelo Era-Adjusted QB EloLink@greerreNFLCompare QBs across eras and within seasons using 538's eloNFLTool*
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